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Mobile Computing
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Mobile Computing

Commonly referred otherwise as "Enterprise Mobility" or "RFDC", this broad term represents Data Collection with the help of ADC hardware, on an application running on a Mobile computer, that updates the collected data to a central Server on a Batch / Real-time basis. Since this concept is widely used in Industrial environments, the products that we offer are usually Rugged ones with Drop sustenance, and Ingress Protection.

This concept requires connectivity through various modes like BT, WLAN, WWAN, etc.,

Products associated with this technology include Batch DCUs (Data Collection Units), Handheld Terminals with integrated ADC HW, Mobile Receipt Printers, etc.,

Your Business gets benefitted by way of Real-time Data processing, thereby allowing faster and precise management Decisions & Planning, Enabling your Users with convenience of Process Execution, Accuracy improvement, Elimination of Paper work, etc.,