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Wireless Infrastructure
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Wireless Infrastructure

Considered as the "Enabler" of a Mobile Computing / Enterprise mobility concept, we offer highly secured Wireless Networking solutions for both Indoor and Outdoor Environments. We specialize in offering this solution for the most challenging Industrial Environments where ordinary WLAN Networks may fail due to higher signal dampening, heat, dust, etc., Our portfolio includes Bluetooth based WPAN, Indoor / Outdoor Industrial Wi-Fi Networks under IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standards, Outdoor P2P & PMP connectivities for the last mile.

Products that are part of this portfolio include Industrial Wi-Fi Access Points, Various types of Antennae & Connectors, Routers, Switches, Mounting Accessories, etc.,

Business benefits are: Total freedom from wires, Mobility, High uptime and Security, Easy NW Management, Replacement of costlier OFC links, etc.,